A Hi & Hello,

Photography has always been a big part of my life - from a very young age I was always running around with a camera in hand, capturing moments that I still cherish. 

From then on I fell in love with Weddings. The love, delight and complete happiness that is paired with that one day - then carried on forever. I can only hope to capture that forever within my photographs. I am also the biggest sucker for natural light and the authentic, unposed moments between two people in love.

And who is Francis? Francis is what I named my first camera and has kinda just stuck ever since, hence Tay + Francis.

When I'm not out photographing others, I can be found strolling along the beach with my fur baby Felix, playing the occasional video game, spending time with my handsome husband or cooking/baking in our tiny cabin kitchen. 


Look forward to hearing from you,


Taylah and Fletcher - Low Res - Ana Galloway Photography-384.jpg